Did you ever notice-
Tomorrow never comes.
It never gets here..
Tomorrow is an illusion of a future dreamed.
No one ever says,
“I am here tomorrow” because tomorrow is not,
Never will be!
Tomorrow is a goal not a destination..
It is a concept not a reality..
Tomorrow is a dream not a realization!
It is today,
There is only now,this moment!
I am..
I am here..
I am here in this moment!
In a second,
In a few minutes,
In even the next hour,
I will not occupy the same nexus in time,
I will be elsewhere, elsetime but..
It will not be tomorrow..
Tomorrow never comes..
Never is attainable..
Tomorrow is slave to none….


FAITH VERSUS RELIGION AND CHURCH.There is a huge difference between Faith and religion!There is a huge difference between Faith and church!There is a huge difference between Faith and the bible!Religion is what men call their way of believing, whether it BE christianity, islam, catholicism, mormonism, judaism,scientology, etc..even secularism!Church is a building when it should be communion between man and his god, no matter what god it is!The Bible. the Torah, the Qur’an..there are literally hundreds, perhaps thousands of HOLY books, all relevant to its religion!There is a humongous difference between FAITH and any religion with its bible/holy book!FAITH CREATES MIRACLES! RELIGION AND CHURCH create wars, divisions and evil in men! Prove me wrong!!!

I found Jesus at the hem of her dress..
Prayer seasoned
In the remorse of loss.
Hangs like a pendulum,
Swinging back and forth with the weight of regret.
What’s right? What’s wrong?
Icicled barbs laden with emotion,
Melt with time, rivulets of moisture
Scar soul’s fa├žade
From hot coals of pain held ‘gainst my bosom in catharsis!
Heaven is silent!
Hell has no room!
I am bereft of destination!
I am become the used up pebble tossed away into the pond.
I sink…but in my wake,
I reach for you!!

These thought-provoking teachings from respected Native American leaders and thinkers provide a connection with the land, the environment, and the simple beauties of life. This collection of writings from revered Native Americans offers timeless, meaningful lessons on living and learning.