I watch the news daily, read the stories daily, worry about the planet daily. I listen to people deny and call this climate change a hoax. I see the plastic I toss and the mountains of trash we make from all our discarded waste and I wonder what world my children will live in when they are my age. I see the animals dying off, becoming extinct, the icebergs melting, the pollution enveloping us like a darkened fist, choking us and now I hear the water is also gonna be a problem soon…and I wonder about those rich getting richer and denying all this. I wonder more at the folks that believe them. They say it’s just another cycle. I would almost believe them but most of these folks also believe the earth is only a few thousand years old..and..THAT worries me!

Sit with me..
On a visit to this sacred site..
A little grass,
A patch of grass..
Saved for the human race.
We’ll sit and eat our processed meal,
Pretend it’s from those days forgotten
Of baby veal.
That’s better than the real..
Of the extremely rude,
Extremely crude..way of living.
So much better to pretend, Isn’t it?
Take a sip of your bottled water..
Cleaned by the finest distillation..methods
passed from generation upon generation..
And we’ll pretend,
Pretend it tastes just like the sparkling water in our imagination..
of what the writings mean in describing..
Ahhh, the beauty of the sunlight reflecting..
off the springs flowing from mountain tops.
Pure and clean,
Not the kind we harvest with machines,
From condensation or from the sheening moisture
of our own body’s perspiration.
Let’s pretend this is real fruit,
And not processed dirt..
with nutrients and colors added.
Let’s pretend the world is fine..
Not living on borrowed time..
And we’ll toast all those that came before us..
The intelligent..
The negligent..and,
The inelegant..way in which they allowed our world to end..
Fighting over the last penny..
But enough!
Let us raise a glass,
and pretend that..
Ours is an infinite planet..
In an infinite universe..
And this too..
Shall pass!