Opinions are so biased!

I’m conversing with a fellow,
Whose opinion is of value..
To him..
To his sycophants..
BUT yet!!!
Means naught..
To a herd of Elephants!
What the hell does THAT^^^..mean?
It means…
That yours,
…is yours..AND..
Mine is mine!
Sometimes there’s a meaning if you can read between..
The lines!

Is God real?

Someone, perhaps someones,
wrote a book one day..
In rhythmic praises,
Colored it in pretty phrases…
Claimed it was God written, thus sublime..
One person read it one day, well..
Maybe more than one day,
Said to their friends..
Have you seen,
Have you read..
The awefilled new book of poetry making the rounds?
So two more, mayhap more than two..read it and the readers..
Became a gathering of sorts,
Then a cult,
Of course..
Then a horde which became a horde of cults..
Which became a multitude..
Of the word so beautiful, that they called it sacred and proclaimed…this word will feed the multitude!
This is truly the Word of God,
At the least..God-inspired,
Called it scripture,
And religion was born.
Woe to thee, if ever you see,
Fault in the Word,
For at the drop of a scripture,
In God’s own gripsurely a prophet righteous..
Will call down the horde,
And might just..begin
another war of the word!

a PARADOXICAL state-dependent ASSOCIATIVE phenomenon..5-17-1

Jessie EcheverriaMay 21, 2019 · a PARADOXICAL state-dependent ASSOCIATIVE phenomenon..5-17-1

I once remembered you in a dream,
But not a dream..
I was awake…
Ambulatory in a musing,
Though not a thought of my own choosing..
They come and go,
go and come..
A visual exclamation..
Remind of things..
Some perhaps imagined,
Some done to fruition.
I have no explanation nor hesitation..
In claiming these my own..
Though no tether to persuade and though rare and few..
You never know when a thought sneaks through..
For me,
For you…I’m sure..
It’s just a case of De’ja’ Vu.

Remember when Kobe and his little girl died?

Jessie EcheverriaJanuary 26 · IT’S OKAY, DAD IS WITH ME

What was your favorite color?
I’m sure your mama knows.
She knows every little thing about you..
Doesn’t she?
Knows every lil toe..
every lil finger..
The wonder of you!
Of a little girl whose face she could only imagine for 9 months,
Until you made your grand entrance into the world,
With all of a child’s wonder,
A baby’s charm..yassss!
I want all of these lines to rhyme for you,
to be right,
make sense..
But then,
It wouldn’t be life,
Would it?
And death wouldn’t have to remind us,
How beautiful,
or excruciating,
How wonderful..
The ups..
And downs of life..
How sad we are today,
but how happy must heaven be!


Jessie EcheverriaMay 27 · BULLET: Stealing time!

I heard your gun last night!
You fired off your anger!
A warning into the night,
my name anonymous written on the explosion of your unspoken threat!
A promise..
..unspoken to the few and the demons that possess you!
To me,
..to whatever you deem control-able,
….or maybe beyond your control!
Shall I fear my death?
Your reprisal?
..more than the denunciation of a life..
..reduced to cowering inside four walls
hoping you don’t hear us?
..hear me? Or..
Shall I ride your anger?
..your hatred of life?
….of yourself?
……of me?
Shall I surf the waves of animosity?
…venting out your skin like watching heat waves from the sun beating on black pavement?
..an odor of passive-aggresive malice
wafting like a dark nimbus round your body like a shield!
Shall I ride above the fray?
..of your frayed character?
..for my children,
…for my life?
Only a bullet lovingly coated with hate can stop time!