Friendship is such an ethereal experience. How does one describe it? Visceral? Intellectual? As children making that new friend, perhaps it is just the idea of not being alone in a crowd of small individuals, or maybe something about that other kid caught your attention-a toy, a coat, a color they wore-or perhaps they saw you alone and being a of a gregarious nature asked you to join in the fun. Or just asked if you wanted to play. Or perhaps circumstances put you together and in doing so found you had more than just the circumstances in common.

Ethereal doesn’t quite capture friendship, but to describe the almost mystical, almost spiritual facets of a bond that is formed outside of the physical realm, it is almost extra-dimensional…plus, I like the word and how it just rolls off the tongue as if casting a spell!

Friendship is eternal! It surpasses the boundaries of time and space sending echoes to the corners of the universe. It is passed down from generation to generation and gifted to individuals found worthy. The pain of its loss is felt in its absence.

Below is a paean to a friend, a friendship given with no strings and to this day, even time has failed to erode the sheen of his gift:

Childhood friends
I stopped by your old house the other day,
But a ghost answered.
I mean..not really a ghost..
but my memory of who you were.
Last I saw you, your beard was full and white, but my memory is not very adept at remembering that old picture.
I see the ghost of the kid I met at 14 yrs old with a full black beard and I always wondered how the hell you did that???
Being naive at that age with too much wisdom of working hard on a ranch I had no idea of differences.
It was the first school I attended where I actually had time to make friends and so you and others formed my circle of friends.
Ghosts come and go..
Some become spirits that evaporate in the wispy winds of our minds..
Others imprint themselves on our soul and write part of their life stories on our souls..
They help create who we are and hopefully they leave a wonderful story to tell our children when they are gone…
Perhaps that is why I went in search of you today, my old friend..
I was hoping to add another chapter to the story..or have completed your story and I didn’t know you began a new book in another universe unreachable to me yet.
If so..then I will miss your incisive insults, the simple wisdom you spoke at the oddest of times and the unabashed daring in doing things that others thought were beyond you.
But more than anything, I miss the moments of friendship that dissolved years of absence as if we were neighbors.
You were always my better in a conversation of equals but spoke with the humility of my friend.