the sun rose

Hello. I am a self-taught wanna-be poet. 62 years old with occasional thoughts I turn into short poems. Some good, some very bad..but they tell my story in different ways on different days. My love of writing came about from a break-up that had me riding around trying to escape my thoughts which of course never happens. All a sudden a got an idea to write my thoughts to see if that would help. Stopped at a old Borders bookstore and bought me a lil journal. Now being old school, I was not gonna be writing a girly journal about a broken heart and such but I just started writing and writing and writing and I still have that old journal with the very first thing I wrote. Good lord it was I still have the next book I filled with some real crap but I have them. This past year was absolutely stunning due to Covid-19 but most especially cuz one of my younger sisters passed on February 24th 2019. It was a week where our heads were buried in our family sand and when we looked up, the sun was shining and the world was dying. Look me up on Thank you.


One day the sun arose..
But you didn’t.
I heard the sound of your voice.
As I looked up,
I remembered you had left.
There was this beautiful wooden chair..
So rich in color and texture.
In its comfort you sat serenely.
I looked up..
You faded.
Out of focus from my world.
One day the sun came up..
You have been gone a while now,
So I paid you a visit.
I took a little rag,
A spray bottle,
and some memories.
We sat and talked a little bit.
It’s a beautiful spot, isn’t it?
Kind of in it’s own corner by itself.
One day the sun will come up.
And I won’t.
And we’ll have all the time in the world.