…and so you ask!

…and so you ask! 2-19-2021

So you ask..
Why do you have to sing that?
and why do you sing it like that?
What do those words mean?
and you sound so angry..you sound upset!
So you ask..
Why did you write that?
and what does it mean?
It makes me uncomfortable like you’re pointing fingers..and I wish you would stop.
So you ask..
Why do you feel you need more?
What do you mean by inequality?
..and what is privilege, anyway?
So you ask..
When will you be satisfied?
What do you mean you thirst? For freedom?
..and did you not just say you were born here? Not here?
So you ask..
Why do you deserve what I am born to?
Why are you here? ..and so what if you served in the miltary?
So you ask..
Why does it matter if you’re a shade different than I?
..and what have you given?
So you ask..
Who has a right?
What is humanity?
Why should you matter more than my rights?
So I ask..
Who is God?
..and why do you believe he believes you are right?