We are not!
The Champions!
..we are the weak,
the poor,
the forgotten!
We are the flotsam left over after the bludgeoning
heat of life has burnt the dross
from the iron!
We are the detritus, the dregs, the leftovers!
..waste and discarded material!
We are the chaff beaten from the sheaves,
leaving only the wheat..
..the good part…BUT..
What would the world be without us to aspire to be better?
Would Christianity have Christ if Christ had no need to tend to the poor, the forgotten, the sick?
And how would the iron survive if the dross, the impurities..
were not there to protect against the chaos of elements?
Where would the gold be without the humble rock?
Where would the rich man be without the poor man to exploit?
What about the Ghandi’s of the world?
For whom would he have fought for if the broken, the destitute,
the lost..did not need a champion to lead them?
Champions and Heroes exist..
because the chaff, the broken..
the leftovers..
define them!
Without the weak,
without the downtrodden,
without us..
There would be no Heores..
No Champions