Whilst the sun doth shine… Tell me a story, Read me a line. I will wait upon your quiet voice, Impatient rumblings quelled by choice, Make me laugh ’til I cry, Then kindly say, ” Every thing is fine.”. Sing me a song, Play a note for me… Lyric my story in rhythmic time. Make me cry ’til I laugh… Until I finally say, ” I see…” Dance me a step and let your body sway, Like the 7 veil dance of Salome. Quench my lust, fan the fire, Interpret deepest, dark desire! In this pen, in the night, Tales from my bosom burning bright! Quench my fire, fan this lust While the moon hides secrets in timeless dust! In the run of dreams, There is no reality!



The world moves in different ways,
It keeps on moving,
So it stays..
It turns in orbit,
The days go by,
While we as humans say
Good Night, Goodbye!
In sadness,
we watch parades,
Of endless lines,
and serenades.
Names so big,
names so small.
While each passing casts wide,
and similar pall!
Some we know,
some we don’t;
Some we’ll miss,
some we won’t.
The living suffer while the dying,
have finally found some peace
We stay behind to memorialize,
to carry on and find releaseā€¦
We hope,
we pray,
For relevance..
as the world keeps moving,
to different days.