This is the TUSKER QUEEN!

Elephants are the most regal creatures on land-to me, anyway! The way they walk and tread their land is majestic. I ran across this picture of the Tusker Queen and was so impressed, fascinated by the size of her tusks and the surreal quality of the photos being black and white just made the images that much more stark! This Queen has passed from this world and there are a rare few left of these giants. I believe I read there were only 30 left. Thanks to poachers, I’m sure! It saddens me that I love billiards so much but that in my small way I have helped to kill these mighty animals. Billiard balls are made of their ivory, their tusks. It brings into reality how humans affect this planet in too many ways, even by those that worry about the dirt we live on. Soon, like the mammoths, elephants will be extinct as well! I wrote this for the Tusker Queen!

I am..
Your Majesty! The Tusker’s Queen..
I bequeath to you the world unseen.
I am God’s rumination in the flesh..
and I leave this world to you in death.
Remember where I once did walk..
Giants destined by man to fall!
I am the Elephant Queen..
and I leave you all that I have seen.
The majestic that you know..
Is small compared to me and you can feel the rumble of my mirth in the voice of my low..
my deepest greetings in my girth
Feel free to bow or walk away,
Free to know that I have gone,
To the mightiest of all places,
To the safest of all spaces…
and I will miss you,
as you miss me. yet..
When you least expect,
You’ll hear me in the thunder
and I will shower you with blessings..
Be convicted in my presence,
Consonant in my essence..
I am the Tusker Queen! 

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